- vegetative felts with an integrated seed -


Ecological solutions for gardens and slopes

Technologically unpretentious and fast way of greening all kinds of surfaces. Production is subject to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 standards

Advantages of vegetative pre-seeded felts:

- minimal shipping costs compared to pre-cultivated turf in roll
- even distribution of seed on the surface
- even grass growth due to the same seed depth
- the function of the mulch fabric prevents weeds from growing from the subsoil
- the seed is protected from the influence of water, wind and birds
- retains the necessary moisture during seed growth
- easy handling and laying without the use of mechanisms
- pricing affordability

Vyrobeno přímo pro Vás

Whether you are a small horticulture or a big developer, your projects will be faster with our grass mats, the quality BARENBRUG seed will germinate faster and the customer will be happy with the beautiful lawn.

So if you are interested in purchasing our products, please contact us: info@webgrass.cz